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Kubik Evo 8GB BlackKubik Evo 8GB BlackKubik Evo 8GB BlackKubik Evo 8GB BlackKubik Evo 8GB BlackKubik Evo 8GB BlackKubik Evo 8GB Black

Kubik Evo 8GB Black


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      • Crystal clear music with Microsoft PlayFX Sound Enhancement – Plays MP3, WMA, FLAC
      • Expandable microSD or microSDHC memory card slot
      • Ultra low power consumption – up to 20 hours playtime from a single charge
      • 1.8 Inch LCD Display – View photos, videos, e-books and more

Kubik Evo

The Kubik Evo delivers superb quality sound with Microsoft PlayFX and up to 20 hours playtime from a single charge. Only 10mm wide and weighing less than 35g, the Evo is compact and discreet. View your music collection either by Artist, Album, Song or use the Explorer function to access the player’s drive and view folders/albums as uploaded by the user. Music can be uploaded either automatically using Windows Media Player or manually by dragging and dropping your files to the player.

Additional Features
View music by Artist, Album, Song or use file explorer to access player’s drive
FM Digital Radio – Store up to 30 preset stations
Video Player – Watch your favourite videos in AVI format
E-Book viewer – with bookmarking function
Dictaphone – Voice recording function
Photo Viewer – Upload and view your entire photo collection
USB Flash Drive – Recognised as a removable drive by PC

    Supports MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, AVI, JPG, BMP Formats
    Supports ID3 Tags – Displays Artist, Song Title & Lyrics
    Folder Navigation – Browse by Artist, Album, Genre
    Repeat Track, Repeat Folder, Repeat All, Random & Intro Settings
    Plug & Play – No Driver Installation Required
    Compatible with all Windows and Apple Operating Systems
    USB 2.0 High Speed Data Transfer – USB 1.0 Compatible
    Supports Multiple European Languages

    Box Contents
    KubiK Evo 8GB Black player
    USB Lead
    User’s Manual

    Kubik HDS-100 Infosheet – PDF (2MB)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does noise isolating mean?

    These earphones are supplied with three different sizes of silicone earbuds. By using the correct size for your ears, it is possible to get the perfect fit for your ears. This will isolate background noise and greatly enhance sound quality

    Will these be ok to use while exercising?

    The soft silicone earbuds produce an airtight seal around your ear, which not only feels comfortable in your ear but also sits very securely, allowing you to run, walk or workout without the earphones falling out.

    Will it work with my current mobile phone or MP3 player?

    The earphones are compatible with any device that accepts the industry standard 3.5mm jack.

    Are these available in other colours?

    Currently this model is only available in black, further colours will be added in the future.